comic 8

Monday, December 29 2003 4:57 pm

Holy sheeot! I've actually posted two comics within two days! No wait.. I uploaded that other comic early this morning, slightly after midnight... holy shit, two in ONE day! Dammit, I'm the man AND the woman!

Okay, so I had already gotten the panels for these done a long time ago, but that's besides the point!

 -- Chris

comic 7

Monday, December 29 2003 1:44 am

Yes, it's up.... and I bet by now you're wondering why the hell these comics are getting randomly tiny then large. Well, I try to plan for a large comic, but then I usually have to break it down further. Like the last four comics and the next comic that hasn't been released? Yeah, those were originally planned to be one.

I've broken both numbers five and seven into tiny pieces for two reasons:
Number one: I'm sick of my friend Marcin bitching that I don't have comics up soon enough.
Number two: Sometimes it just looks/works better that way.
Today was definitely because of the quality of the strip, however.

I'm sorry I didn't get this up yesterday like I promised... I've been programming like mad. I've only got one more thing to add in the code before I can release a crappy, but playable, demo of the game.

 -- Chris


Saturday, December 27 2003 3:28 am

I sat down tonight, worked my ass off for a couple hours, and finally got the core of Untermini done. (In case you didn't know, Untermini is the game I'm developing). Now you can finally control the paddles. (Does this give anything away? Probably. But it's not a pong/breakout clone.) This reminds me of how desperately I need to put up that projects page... It shouldn't take that long, I just haven't worked enough on it, other than finishing the graphics for it.

I pretty much have the next comic done... panel wise. All I have to do is put it all together and add the text. It shouldn't take too long. I might have it done later today (sometime when it's light outside... or when it gets dark again afterword.)

 -- Chris

Merry holidays, and a new comic.

Wednesday, December 24 2003 9:20 pm

Indeed, there is a new comic up. Because of this comic, two problems have been cleared up. One, you are not quite as hanging on edge as you were with comic five, though not by much less of a degree. Two, the font of my monologue is much easier to read, though I have lost the oriental appearance. (This has been fixed in comic 1-5 as well.) If you liked the oriental appearance, don't complain to me. Complain to all the other people that complained to me and convinced me to change it.

Anyway, this is your Christmas present or something, so like it or leave it. I want to go play some more Nethack.

 -- Chris

There's sort of a new comic up.

Saturday, December 20 2003 4:10 pm

It really isn't completely a full comic (that which we call comic 5) because it's really part one of three parts. Other parts should be up soon, the panels are already done for them.

Sorry about failing on my whole "three comics this week" thing that didn't happen. I hit a dilemia when I changed the script a bit.

*** update: Crap. I accidentally forgot the speech bubbles. I'll add them and they'll be uploaded in a minute.

*** update: Okay, it's finished. Though I think Jay's going to kill me for using that font. Yes, my misanthropy may have gone a bit far on this one.... still, it's not quite as bad as the looseleaf comic.

 -- Chris

Tiny little fix

Saturday, December 13 2003 12:44 pm

My sister Elizabeth pointed out that I mislabeled the date for January 10th, 2003. So I fixed it.

Oh yeah, and notice that I removed the purple things in my comic. Now I'm getting mixed responses. Some of you guys hated the purple things, some of you loved them. So I want all my readers to, if they would be so kind, send me an email telling me whether or not the comic looks better with or without the purple wings.

 -- Chris

Jeebus... Comic 4!

Friday, December 12 2003 10:25 pm

Go! Now! Check it, cuz there's one of the new comics up!

Thanks GIMP 1.3!

GIMP 1.3: You are welcome.

 -- Chris

Don't stone me quite yet.

Wednesday, December 10 2003 11:47 am

I can sense the fury bubbling beneath your veins. Calm down. I know I said the comic would be done "on Monday at latest" or however I phrased it, but things came up. Besides, I think you'll actually be glad I'm taking so long. Because you aren't getting just one comic this week.

You're getting three.

 -- Chris

WIP mode

Sunday, December 7 2003 11:48 am

See, the website is currently under construction again, so don't expect things to be working right, and don't be surprised if they look funny.

As Jay said, most people put their experimental works in a sexy subdirectory. I'm way too lazy to do that... you people should know that by now.

 -- Chris

That damned titlebar isn't finished yet

Sunday, December 7 2003 12:15 am

Well, actually it is. I just haven't had a chance to test it yet. I was hanging out with friends instead. We were watching Berserk, which has to be the best hack-and-slash show ever, and I have decided something. When I die, I want my blood to spray all over the place. I mean why not? I'm not going to be using it any more. Or maybe it should comically spurt up at peoples' faces as I lie in a casket and they pay their respects. He he.

Well, the comic should go up later today, along with the title bar. That's if all goes well. Latest is Monday. Later, people.

 -- Chris

I haven't had much sleep

Friday, December 5 2003 1:35 pm

All night I have been conjuring the spirits of productivity, casting great spells of awesome, and soon, it shall be born! Ahahahahahaha!

What? Do you not understand???? Heathen! A renovation of the site is at hand! And with this comes a new comic! Ah, but the renovation, this is what I am most excited about! Finally, I shall have sections of my website to show off all of my skills... my art, my writing, my projects, my philosophy! My games! My comic! They'll all have their own distinct home on here, yes, and the navigation between them shall be great!

Finally, I shall be able to update the site more often! For you see, I do many things besides comics... I just haven't had a well designed place to put them!

Well all that is changing now. Prepare yourselves....

MAGIC MISSILE!!!! AHAHAHAHA! I think I'm going to go get myself some coffee.

***For the record, I am not doing drugs. I'm just high on productivity, man.***

 -- Chris

Mall Zaurus writing thing no english ability at time

Tuesday, December 2 2003 5:00 pm

Here I am sitting at the mall. I've just finished filling out a bunch of job applications, and now I'm a bit bored. So I figured I'd write an update on - have you guessed it? - my Zaurus. I love being able to do such things on-the-go. Hey, look, I think I just used more hyphens in this paragraph than I have previously on this website.

Yesterday I was quite sick, and thus completely unable to work on the site. And before that I had finals, and there was the celebration of gluttony day. So that's why there hadn't been any updates on here in a while. When I get back home I plan to finish up this week's comic, and possibly finish that projects page I've been meaning to get done. Yeah, I've been having a bit of difficulty deciding how I'm going to set up the header for this site, since that's what you're going to use to move yourself around on here. Maybe I'll finish that and accompany it with another long post. Or maybe none at all.

 -- Chris

Ah, the weekend.

Friday, November 14 2003 11:05 pm

I see the weekend is upon me. I'm looking heavily forward to it... first time I've gotten to go home for a full weekend since school started. It's kind of a pain when you live an hour and fifteen minutes away by car, you don't drive, and there isn't any reasonable way to get home without someone picking you up. But perhaps the pain is not as much on my end as it is on others'. Having work on a Saturday night kills the prospect of anyone coming to pick you up most of the time (Jay's been kind enough to visit me quite a bit though... thanks Jay, you are awesome in ways I cannot describe). I do like working at the library... but it's kind of unfortunate that I only get two hours on the weekend. But oh well, I agreed to that at the beginning of the year (without much foresight).

God, this is turning into a blog or something, isn't it? I've only completed three comics, but I've made enough posts on here to fill... something substantial, I think. That wasn't really intended. I guess I needed form of writing ouput more than I realized. Funny to look back on it and see how different my posts can be in so many ways, though. I mean, that last post seemed quite happy. Then at other times I'm all depressed and everything. And now I'm on Zoloft again. So frustrating... I hate medication so much because I feel like it's a necessity. I think perhaps I can be better without it. I.. bah. It's not even worth talking about at the time. I'm not depressed, I'm doing rather well, I'm stressed as FUCK, but I'm feeling reasonably happy.

Oh, and I've been working on an addition I've been meaning to make to this site for quite a while.... a projects page. Hopefully after that gets up, I'll be able to put up a writing page, and an art page too. This site wouldn't look so empty if I was able to show all the nifty things I do.

On that note, I have to start bringing sketchbooks to class. I hit creative peaks sometimes while listening to what's going on, and I do some amazing drawings while still managing to pay attention. But all these awesome drawings are being put on lined paper from notebooks that they really don't belong in (and are difficult to study out of when I have so many nifty distractions). It makes it really hard to scan in... those lines look kind of annoying. Plus... if I'm drawing in class, I won't be raising my hand so much that nobody else can talk. I have a tendency to do that.

 -- Chris

Play the imaginary game!

Saturday, November 8 2003 2:01 pm

Zaeden has a download page now! So you can go and get the source... and try out Jay (aka Commodore Pickle)'s engine! It's quite spiffy, and there's only one real bug left in it now. I've been learning the ins and outs of it over... well, last night and this morning. Jay has really documented the graphics engine quite well, so learning how everything worked was quite easy.

On that note, I've been making tech demos with his engine to further the testing... I'll have more up when that's better developed. For now, you can compile the source with the friendly makefile included and make a little man run around on the screen... and even enter your name! Isn't that awesome? There really isn't any game implemented yet, but you can always pretend there is. You can.. run around... blowing up invisible enemies... on a tiny pad of grass! And God mode is on, as long as you don't press the escape key.

The comic is not dead. It's just hibernating. I took up a tremendous amount of work this semester, and while grades aren't top priority to me, studying is. I like the learnings. But in the meantime, I'm practicing my art a lot too... I've even got some more character designs done for the comic. And remember, don't cry about there being no new comic... there will be a new one every week in December.


 -- Chris

Project page!

Thursday, October 30 2003 8:35 pm

Wow... I had no idea that the Zaurus could be used to make such awesome images! Check out what I just did! (so clicky here) What's really amazing is that it only took me about a minute to make.

I got my scanner up and running again. Yay! It really wasn't that hard, I just kind of forgot how. Uh, turns out all I needed to go was go uncomment a line in " /etc/sane.d/epson.conf " , compile xsane AFTER I compile the gimp, and that's all. Boy do I make things difficult sometimes.

Oh yeah!!! Jay's project page is up and running... and the game is now called Zaeden. I forget whether or not he has any files up yet.... let me go check... nope, not yet, but i'm sure it'll be up soon enough.

So I might have some time to get some of that comic done tonight after all! All I have to do tonight is a couple of Spanish assignments. Cake, really. So I'm not worried. It won't be up this week though, but hey, that just means that it's more likely that there will be one next week, right?

 -- Chris

Where are those weekly updates?

Wednesday, October 29 2003 7:15 pm

I promised just not too long ago to try and do weekly updates. Well, I'm not exactly sure how I phrased it, but if I phrased it as I did the first sentence, then I'm guilty, but not as guilty.

As I said, I've been working on getting Gentoo up to an optimal level. I think I've achieved that now, and let me say, I am quite happy with Gentoo. I've also got OpenZaurus running, and it's pretty nice too.. though for some reason, Opie seems to crash a lot more than the original QTopia install did. Maybe I did something wrong. I'll have to check into that more. For now though, my next geeky priority is re-setting up my scanner (remember that I just switched linux distros, so I'm still getting everything up and going).

Oh, yes, and I might note that I haven't "simply been doing nothing" in terms of productivity-producing things. I've been trying to help Jay in what little free time I have with programming his graphics engine. Usually I just end up helping him think through problems, or try to comprehend the problem through his explanation, which usually ends up in him figuring it out right when he's gotten far enough explaining it. I don't think it's that I'm of no help (I hope not) I think it's that in the explanation he is forced to piece together certain points that he didn't think of. Really though, I think my main help has been in the second iteration of planning the project, where we logically went through z-ordering and the processing thereof. Getting back on track, Jay has now finished the graphics engine, which is great, because I'm going to be using it for my game as well. It's very well documented, and I think that's basically due to the large amount of bitching I directed at him when it wasn't. On top of that, it runs very smoothly, albeit one almost unnoticeable graphical glitching, which I don't think will be a problem.

I believe Jay recently set up a sourceforge page. I'll post that when I find out what it is. Then, when I get a decent version of my game running, I'll post the link to that, too.

As to when those weekly updates will be happening... well, there will DEFINETLY be weekly updates during the month of December. But up until then, I'm not sure. I don't honestly think I'll get all of one completed this week, but I'll try to start on one.

 -- Chris

"Yeah, I'm a bitch like that."

Saturday, October 18 2003 4:35 pm

I've gotten into this nasty habit of promising to make comics and then never getting them done. Like yesterday. I promised a new comic would be up yesterday, but is it? No. I think that it might have something to do with this shirt. The shirt seems like the most convenient thing to blame at the moment...

Jay said I should come straight out and tell the audience why a new comic isn't done. Well, there are two parts to it. Number one, I've been working on this new Gentoo install, and it's been taking a bitch of a long time to get everything compiled. I had no idea it would take exactly this long (though I suppose I should have). So I need to get the GIMP working and my scanner running before I can do anything. And the second part to me not getting anything done is that I have a new toy... my Zaurus.

I suck. I'm sorry. I know I've been a bitch, and you're welcome to flame me with angry emails.

 -- Chris

The usual update

Wednesday, October 15 2003 1:40 am

My Zaurus came in! Which means my happiness level has grown exponentially. Ah, to be part of the modern American consumer lifestyle. It's lots of fun until you realize how much it sucks.

God, that last post of mine was really badly done. Lots of typos... miscellaneous grammatical errors... I mean, it was meant to be an on-the-fly update, but that was pretty awful. Oh well. I guess I can't always hold myself to a higher level.... of... things. See? I'm getting lazy in the middle of a sentence even.

I hope I will be able to make my Friday deadline this week, but I won't be able to start drawing the comic until later this afternoon, after I have gotten my sleep and attended my classes. On a completely unrelated note, Terry Tempest Williams came and spoke at my college, and I attended her lecture. It was... well, fantastic. She's a very inspiring woman, to say the least. I wish I could say more at the moment, but I'm really tired. Besides, I have to figure out how to sync my zaurus with my computer in the morning so I can send Terry Williams an email I wrote up. And that will indeed require awakeness.

 -- Chris

The swarm

Tuesday, October 7 2003 9:47 pm

Ugh, disgusting. You remember that post I made ages ago about the ladybug? Well, the ladybugs (/beetles) have apparently retalliated against us humans. Absolutely humongous swarms of them arrived today. It looked like a snowstorm that accidentally overmedicated itself. They're invading my room again, and this time I'm not saddened by it. It's freaking getting on my nerves. And there's these huge bugs that have started to maket their way in too, now (I'm pretty sure now that they make their way in through my overhead light, or more specifically, the hole where the wiring goes through). When I kill the big things, which look absolutely disgusting, they emit a noxicating smell. Hm. I think I'm making up words again. Noxicating. But really, it smells like juiced grass that's gone bad, though I suppose it is a valid assumption that many of you have no idea what juiced grass smells like unspoiled.

Anyway, my schedule has suddenly swarmed on me just like these freaking bugs. I'm going to be busy this weekend, and I have midterms next week. In short, I'm not going to have the time to finish a comic this week. It's not possible. I'm sorry that this is happening the second week of my "weekly" updates. Believe me. I really want to work on the comic this week. But it just isn't possible. My school comes first, and this week, school has disallowed any comic work.

On the bright linux-tecchie side of things, I've recently ordered a Zaurus, and I'm testing out Gentoo. The Zaurus, unfortunately, is only a 5500 model. It's all I could afford... which is a bit disappointing. But it's a Zaurus, which is nothing at all to complain about. The Gentoo distro is installing on my main computer out of my two, Moltar. That's also where I work on/scan in the comic. I'll tell you all how it works out when I get a chance to play around with it in between everything else I freaking have to do.

 -- Chris

A new comic indeed! (#3)

Sunday, October 5 2003 12:53 pm

It's two days late, but I think it was worth the wait. I'm going to warn you that this new comic is likely to give you a headache at a certain point. Sorry. Anyway, go see it by clicking this link or by pressing that wonderful "latest comic" button. Oh yeah, I changed all my comics over to the .png format too, because PNG files are the best image files ever. Besides XCF files.

I'm exhausted from all this comicing, so I think I'm going to take a walk. (Yes, that does make sense. It's a different kind of exhaustion.) So I'm going to aim for another comic this Friday too. Not just aim, but make that my deadline.

Email me. I want emails.

 -- Chris

pre-comic 3

Saturday, October 4 2003 9:13 pm

Ah, it is good. For the most part, anyway. The comic is actually nearing done, but it's true that I didn't get it done last night like I said I would. However, the positive side of that is the panic-like state it drove me into. Deadlines, I suppose, are important after all, even if you don't make them. Because the thing is that I want to make it, and I'm mad at myself for not making it. So I'm working hard, and getting things done.

I'm sorry if I've disappointed you in any way by not getting it done in time. I don't mean for this to be the case, really. I don't want to drive away any of the possible fans that I don't know I have. Which reminds me. If you do read this comic, and I never have spoken to you before, or for that matter even if I have but you've never told me, could you drop me an email? I'd love to find out who's reading this. Thanks.

The comic really will be up soon. I really am trying now. I want to go somewhere with this thing, to make it everything I've dreamed it to be. Or at least give it a chance.

 -- Chris

Still in progress, but getting there

Friday, October 3 2003 10:08 pm

No, the newest comic is not up yet. You are absolutely right, I am a tremendous idiot. However, that is not to say that it will not be up tonight still. See, when I said that the comic would be up Friday, some of you may have thought it would be posted up at midnight, or a minute after midnight, on Friday. But I really just meant "some time on Friday." But it looks like I might not even get it up before midnight tonight... it may be more like 3 am. But I'm really trying to make sure that doesn't happen. I want this deadline thing to work. So on that note, I am going to leave and continue working.

Wish me luck. Wish us all luck.

 -- Chris

Regular updates

Tuesday, September 30 2003 12:41 pm

It's the thing that none of you ever expected to hear me say. I'm going to try and do weekly updates of the comic. Yes, I know. It's against my beliefs.... or something... but they clearly aren't getting done at the moment. So EVERY FRIDAY I will update this site with a new comic.

Alright. I'm going to go take a breather now. This is going to be a bit difficult for me to pull off. Then I'm going to go study, attend class, and... you guessed it, make a new comic.

See you Friday, then.

 -- Chris

I'm going a bit nuts here

Friday, September 26 2003 3:41 pm

No. No freaking way. There is no freaking way I'm going to let this happen. I am NOT going to fucking sit in my room all day long on my FREAKING BIRTHDAY. NO! I've got to get off this freaking campus. FUCK. I DON'T FUCKING DRIVE A CAR!

NO! I won't let this happen. I think it's the hunger that's doing it. I'm hungry for some good food, and I'm just thinking of the fucking cafeteria and in my mind I'm just pointing at it and screaming, "NO! I WILL NOT EAT YOU VILE SCUM! NOT TODAY, THE DAY OF DELICIOUS CAKE! YOU SHALL NOT SPOIL MY DELICIOUS CAKE DAY!"

Fucking-a! Does anyone live here that DOESN'T leave on the weekends? If you are out there, and you live somewhere within the vicinity of Lake Forest, Illinois, which is in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, COME HERE AND GET ME OUT OF THIS FREAKING PLACE! SAVE MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

 -- Chris

Today is my birthday

Friday, September 26 2003 12:48 pm

I am now nineteen years old. Commence the transfer of presents to me at once!

Naw, seriously, I don't really care about the presents, or the one million dollars you are going to donate to my... cause. I think I will celebrate by... programming... and working on... a comic...
Damn. Ain't no birthday like a programmin' birthday.

 -- Chris

Would you believe it?

Wednesday, September 24 2003 10:00 pm

In just two days, the twenty sixth of september, it shall be my birthday. And I will be turning nineteen.

Funny, I don't feel like I'm about to turn nineteen.

 -- Chris

"And there may be no answers after all."

Wednesday, September 17 2003 11:30 pm

I watched a ladybug die today.

I guess you could say that it wasn't really a ladybug. It was one of those beetle things that looks like a ladybug, but is actually just a pain in the ass that likes to bite you. Occasionally one or two of those things makes it into my room. There's not much for them to do in here really, except die.

What draws them in is the light. When night spills its shadowy paint outside it shows promise. A better place, surely, this land of the light. So they enter my room, wishing to take part in this promise. But there is nothing here, nothing but death and wasted life. There is no food, no water... there is nothing to sustain them. And soon enough, even the promised light is gone. I turn it off and go to bed. So now even their illusion is gone. And in the morning, if they survive the night, they find that it is light all across the land. And they cannot reach outside, they cannot even remember the way by which they reached this place. So they walk around the rest of the day searching, or they give up and just stand on the wall, doing nothing, waiting to die. What a twisted fate.

Coming back from visiting Nikki's apartment, I enter my room. It is dark, all except my computer's monitor. Turning on the lights, I see lying belly upward a ladybug lying in the space between the rim of my monitor and the edge of my desk. It is not yet dead. Its head bobs drunkenly around as if it's searching for something and a few of its legs weakly dab at the air. In my mind I see a human parallel. A man lies in the dust, broken and mangled from falling over the edge of a cliff. He is somehow still alive, yet. At the top of the cliff, the rock he was sitting upon just a moment ago is mimicing him in his plummet, encouraged as it was by the gentle push the man made against the boulder before he rolled off the edge. He uses the last of his living energy in the most vain of actions, a desperate yet weak attempt to push away the hurtling boulder by batting at it's shadow as it falls toward him. It's a useless attempt, a useless action, yet both this ladybug and this man make it. At least they try. I would have just let the death come.

Pondering this, I slide out the keyboard's drawer from the desk and write a few emails. The ladybug is still there, but its protests against his oncoming death are now as gentle as the dab of a kleenex against one's crying face. He pulls in one flailing leg to his abdomen, for he no longer has the energy to move them all any longer. And slowly, slowly, he pulls the rest in, until the last little leg is tucked peacefully at his side and his head rolls back into a deep slumber. I quietly pick up a piece of paper and slide him into the trashcan.

I have my scanner back now. Jay brought it back on Friday, but I haven't used it since. I have my medication now too. It has brought changes. For a while as I was off it I had been getting little done. I had been eating a lot more, too, as if there was this insatisfiable void in my stomach. Now that I am taking my medication again I have almost lost my hunger altogether. I went to a Sushi restaurant with Nikki tonight. I ordered twelve pieces of sushi. I only ate three.

I'm seeing other changes ever since I started taking my medication again. It might not have completely to do with my meds, but today I've been having trouble talking to people. I always have a problem with stumbling over words, but I just couldn't seem to say anything properly today. Long, uncertain pauses between words. Where has that thought gone? Halfway through the sentence already, and I forget what I was saying. Sentence after sentence after sentence.

My mood and productivity have also shifted; I've gone from being completely lethargic to having a burning desire to get my work done. I'm a bit frightened by how much my medication can affect me. And my moods... they are more controlled than when I have my medication, yet they are still not normal. My moods never are though. Always lost I am in strange jungles of ideas that just almost fit together right. The jungles haven't gone away, but they're more tame now. I suppose that's what happens when you take antidepressants. But is this me? Is this really me? What, exactly, am I? As opposed to any other collective body of matter? My skin flakes off, my cells die, they are replaced with new cells... I could have nearly my entire body replaced with new matter in my life, yet somehow in the end there is a distinctive property that is "me." Or at least we believe there is. How much of that is just what we want to believe?

There are a lot of questions tonight. I don't think I'm satisfied with any of the answers.

 -- Chris

"Back to college"

Sunday, September 7 2003 5:12 pm

Yes yes, indeed I am now back at college. Moving into my dorm room... pain in the ass as always. Almost nothing is unpacked. Regardless of that, things are going great. I have a huge corner room this time, and I've got a single room (the guy that would have been my roommate got his own apartment). It's nuts, I don't know what to do with all the space. I'm thinking that maybe I'll just rent it out to monkeys.

I was stupid enough to forget my scanner, which absolutely infuriates me. I was looking forward so much to working on the comic before classes start... but I guess that's out of the question now. Oh well.

The scanner, right now, is the least of my worries. I might not have enough money for books. That's scary. But at least I'm in a nice room. Nice, wonderful room.

 -- Chris

"+1 extra update"

Thursday, September 4 2003 11:58 pm

Two updates to the website in one night? This is scary... almost as if things are getting done around here. I'll try not to keep that trent too common, lest I begin to scare the small childrens. Anyway, the comic browser has a nice little addition: a button to send you flying back here! It's a horribly ugly button, though. Oh well, I'll make it look pretty later. It's bed time.

Oh yes, and as for the information regarding when there will be a new comic: it will be on a day. In a month. This one.

 -- Chris

"He who creates a better menu..."

Thursday, September 4 2003 6:18 pm

My GOD that looks better. See the menu, and the change in appearance thereof? Much better, don't you think? I certainly do. See? Form! Elegance! Simplicity! Much better than that old menu, which looked like something I threw together... probably because it was something I just threw together. But this one... ah, so much the better it looks. Even on IE it looks good, now that there is no ugly box around the images. Ah, but for non IE users, it looks even better. You see, there is something wonderful called "alpha blending", and it is one of the great things that PNG files can implement. It has made the edges around my "LINGO" button look soft. Too bad Internet Explorer can't handle them, so it has to have it's own ugly images, where the borders are much more harsh. It took me a while to set that all up specially for IE users, so that everyone else can still live in the land of awesome. Ah, there are so many problems with Internet Explorer, it simply amazes me.

Anyhow, more updates tonight. Probably not comic-wise. But I'm going to explain what exactly is going on with my life, and when you can expect new comics. Ah, it shall be great indeed.

Crap. My eyes hurt from sitting here too long. I need to take a break.

 -- Chris

"Back to the running thing."

Sunday, August 31 2003 7:15 pm

In case you hadn't noticed, I took down the site for a bit because of the protest. Oh yes, I did produce a new comic. But it isn't here. It's at Witticisma! So I'm not as lazy as you think. Uh, and in case he ever uploads a new one... you can view it directly here. Yep. And if you haven't ever been to Witticisma before, go now. It may not have the best art ever, but the comic is funny as hell. It's one of my favorites.

I've made tremendous strides, as in actually doing something for once, with the game. It still isn't playable at all, and the graphics work like crap. But I've worked on it at least. So I'm going to throw together a projects page and put it on there. Yeah, I think I'm going to redesign that menu too. It looks like the crap right now. More updates and new comic soon.

 -- Chris

"Little Fixes"

Sunday, August 24 2003 12:40 pm

Rob pointed out that I forgot Jay's necklace again. I fixed it, and changed Jay a tad bit overall. But don't worry, I didn't completely remove the old picture. It's right here for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yes, one more thing. I'm also a link whore. So now I'm going to put up a quick reference to a site. Be forewarned, it's ugly. No offense Alex. But it's still cool because it's all about toy collection. The Mega Man collection was enough to let me put this on here. So, here it is: The Toy Archive. Note to all you FF freaks... there's something I think you'll like in the misc. section.

The next comic should be up I don't know when, but sooner than the last one. I'm also working on a guest comic. For someone. I'm not telling.

 -- Chris

Arrival of the second comic

Friday, August 22 2003 5:04 pm

It... it's here. It took over a month, but I got another comic done. Click the Lingo button to the left there, or click here if you're lazy like that.

So I guess I should be getting comics done a lot faster than the whole month long interval thing I have going on now. I'm trying to think of ways to do this. Over time, of course, I'll gain experience and skill, and then I'll just naturally be able to get this thing done faster. However, I am getting frustrated messages from friends, so I believe I will do a bit of experimentation. And the next comic might even be... grayscale. And uncolored. We'll see.

 -- Chris

The state of things

Sunday, August 17 2003 8:47 pm

Pete did a good job redoing the site, and I didn't even ask him to do it. Everything looks good, except the background color. I don't like the background color, especially not in contrast to the buttons. But that should be an easy fix. But all beyond that, I've really got to thank Pete for doing that, especially because I had no idea how to myself.

I spent the entire day working on the comic, and I'm only two-thirds or three-fourths done with it. I'm kind of depressed because of that. It should be done, it should be up, and it should be running. But it isn't. On top of that, things just have been going pretty crummy. My rat's smaller cage, which he wasn't in at the time, fell off a shelf, the corner jamming into my shoulder. And now the damn thing's broken. I really want the comic to be done and up. But at the same time I can't get myself to just rush through it. All and all, I've gotten rather depressed and suicidal tonight. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to get the comic done, I really do, but I can't. Being any more depressed than I already am is far too dangerous a thing than I can toy with.

 -- Chris


Saturday, August 16 2003 7:42 pm

I've cleaned up Chris' layout, and made a nice XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2 website, it uses a little PHP to power the posts.

 -- Peter

Just so you know.

Saturday, August 16 2003 7:15 pm

In the words of my good friend Marcin: "Friday has come and gone, still no new comic." I couldn't have said it better myself.

A bit of irony here. For those of you who didn't read my last post, a friend of mine named Rob convinced me to set a deadline for Friday. And the reason I did not make this deadline was because I was editing the book rob is in the process of writing. Since he is going to be sending in that book to various publishers soon, it was more important for me to work on than this. That's my opinion anyway.

The background just changed colors. The following is a quote from Peter:

I think it is, bar none, one of the ugliest websites I've seen since 1996 ... when all the print designers were taking their copy of Illustrator and getting into this "web thing."

And that was pretty much enough to get me to change it. And since I am now undoing the reason for the previous version's immense ugliness, Internet Explorer users are going to have to see ugly buttons, since their stupid browsers cannot handle transparent PNGs. I'll write a javascript function to explain selectively to IE users why things look the way they do for them. It may or may not be up when I post this.

 -- Chris

CSS Returns, Bitchslaps Chris in Face

Tuesday, August 12 2003 10:01 pm

It turns out the CSS was not at fault after all, but IE6 still was. Something having to do with IE6 not liking images to be positioned to the right. I'm happy. This means that I'm not angry at the website anymore. I'm going to be doing some experimentation, so a few additions may be made to the way the website looks, but I'm not going to bother writing posts about them. Nobody would read them anyway.

Starting with Rob, every one of my friends has gotten on my tail for not putting up a new comic. Rob tricked me into promising that a new comic will be up by Friday, that bastard, so I'm working toward that deadline as if it actually mattered somehow. Seriously though, I give my warm thanks to Rob. He's been nothing but supportive about the comic, and he's even been sending me feedback. Rob, thanks dude, you've been awesome. This next comic is dedicated to the awesome of you, when it gets done.

 -- Chris

The Tables Return.

Sunday, August 10 2003 5:00 pm

So I've taken out the snazzy CSS layout and replaced it with this lame tables layout again. Don't blame me, blame the lack of browser congruency. Oh, and yeah, I've started on another comic now. Good stuff.

 -- Chris


Monday, August 4 2003 5:35 pm

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Microsoft? It wasn't always this way.

I'm not going to get into that, but let's just say for now, I am very irritated with Internet Explorer. I built this wonderful CSS script where everything was set up just beautifully. But, thanks to a very irritating bug in Internet Explorer, I have had to remove all the images on the menu sidebar. So now, you have to deal with ugly text links. I'll fix it all later, but for the time being I am just too irritated to continue working. Grumble grumble grumble.

 -- Chris

Something new!

Monday, August 4 2003 3:10 pm

I'll bet you were hoping that by "something" being "new" I meant a new comic. Sorry.

Instead, you will notice that the layout of this website is changing. Now, granted, it's not nearly complete, but it's in the works. I decided to do away with the whole layout with tables thing, and instead put all that information in a nice little CSS document. I still don't know too much about web authoring, and I'm learning, but this I think is much better than which I had before. Here, try this out. Resize your browser a bit. Look! The text on the right moves along with it now.

More updates will be on the way, including that nifty "facetag" thing I've been talking about. I actually did a Google search to see if anyone else on the Internet uses that word. Check it out, only a few other results pop up, and none of them have anything at all to do with the word as I use it. I even tried searching for "face tag" as a phrase. There were a lot more hits, but none of them seemed to have anything to do with the definition as I use it. A lot of them had to do with fonts. I think another had to do with cats. Anyway, what all this means is that I invented a word. Ha! It's a pretty good word too.

Speaking of my recent the Google rush, Marcin discovered that the website actually appears on Google. That surprised me. Now, granted, you have to search for the words lingo comic for it to even noticeably show up, but the point is that we're there. I don't know why I found this shocking, but I did. Anyhow, it's gotten me excited to work on the comic again. Check back later for the possibility of a new comic.

 -- Chris

I can out-procrastinate you any day, bitch.

Thursday, July 31 2003 10:20 pm

You heard me right boy. Yeah, you just think you have some sort of skill to beat me in procrastination, but no, nobody can out-procrastinate he who is called The Great Chris of Distractibility.

In other words, this is a pathetic way of saying that no, the comic is not dead. You might tug me on the shoulder and say, "But Chris! Didn't you say twenty billion times within the last month that you were going to have the comic up soon?" Well, yes, that very well may be true, but I also said that I would start drawing the comic a few of those nights, and clearly that wasn't true. Oh, wait, I suppose you didn't know that, since that is one of the things I came on here to mention.

I have not yet gotten any of the panels done for the next comic. Though, if you have read well the last post, you may recall me mentioning something about "working on a video game." Well, that's basically where I've been engrossed the last couple of weeks. I've also been studying a bunch of classical literature, which is just one more time consumer to add to the list. I decided tonight that I'd force myself to ignore those projects temporarily until I get another comic done. So yes, another comic is now finally in production. Indirectly. You see, before I get another comic done, I'm going to do something that's kind of... silly, as some people would say. I'm creating a blueprint for Jay's house (the setting of the current comic). That may sound excessive, but believe me, if the storyline is ever going to progress as I hope it will, this is going to be essential. (Yes, if you think you detect a hint of foreshadowing here, you are correct.)

There are a number of other things I'm going to have to work on too, but mainly the website itself. If you haven't noticed, it's not in... the prettiest of states. Nor the most functional. That will be fixed, but priorities are priorities, and the second comic will be up before I get around to doing so. Alright, enough rambling for tonight. It's time to get some serious coding.... uh I mean, artwork... done.

 -- Chris


Sunday, July 20 2003 7:35 pm

I figure it's only fair that I update you guys on a few things. First, please notice that the last two posts were done by Jay, not me. I'm sorry that so many of you thought that they were written by individuals named "haxx" and "J0momz." I assure you this is not the case. Even if such people exist[ed], I would not allow myself to be affiliated with them based on their poor taste in nicknames alone. That all aside, I'm working on preventing such confusion from occurring in the future, probably through using a less shitty looking post form and even accompanying posts with (*gasp*) facetags. I honestly can't tell you if I just made up that word or if it's one that people actually use. I might have just stumbled into it's meaning while pulling a word off the top of my head, or I might even be using it wrong. But if I made it up and you decide that it's a pretty nice word, you can add it to your vocabulary without any charge whatsoever. Just think of it as a little gift from me to you. And everyone else. But don't you dare start thinking that I'm going to do this every day for you. I'm not your word making whore. But for the record, what this whole facetag thing means to you is that there are going to be pictures/character sketches accompanying each post. Nothing fancy, just some sort of little icon, probably resembling the character that person is based off of in some way shape or form (bad joke intended). The goal is that you, the reader, will be less confused by who the fuck is writing these things.

You may have noticed that about a week ago I said something along the lines of, "I'll probably have a comic up sometime within the next week," meaning that I should have a new comic up now, or sometime in the close proximity of now. Well, this probably isn't going to happen. I haven't started drawing the next comic yet, and though I plan to start drawing a comic tonight, I take a while to put one together. So I'm asking that you please be patient, though I know that's asking a lot on the Internet. But really, I'm not just slacking off and I certainly haven't forgotten about you or your birthday.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm developing something for you and all of your friends. Oh whatever could it be? A video game perhaps? Why... indeed it is. And, you guessed it, I'm going to release under the GPL. Well, rest assured that with my level of productivity you guys won't even see a semi-playable alpha of the thing for about a month (and I'm not going to release anything until I have something minimally worth releasing). I think you'll find that the game will be pleasantly worth the wait, especially all of you who grew up in the good old days, when games were about having fun through gameplay dynamics that were simple enough to provide advanced gameplay. Though don't worry, this game is not a clone. The open source community already has enough of those. No, this game will be brand spanking new. And original. I'm going to create a new section of the website to host my miscellaneous projects, and I'll be filing some information on it there. Check back for it soon, and after you've done that, check back again to see if I've got a testable version up and running.

 -- Chris


Monday, July 14 2003 1:59 am

Okay. If you check the timestamp of Chris' last post it says "12:50 AM". This is, in fact, tampering. I submitted my post Way before this post got up. Cheats! He just wanted to disguise the fact that he copied from my post. So, with that in mind, sux. I'd force him to edit and remove the redundant, superfluous text from his LATTER post but I like the breakdown of our dialog. Thus I have decided to both allow him to leave his post unaltered AND continue breathing. Next time Chris, next time. You might not be so lucky. Ooo... shiny metal object!!! *pulls out soldering gun and gives chase*

 -- Jay


Monday, July 14 2003 1:11 am

Howdy, this is Jay.
*insert shameless plug*

Now then, in Chris' post I did notice some disturbing misrepresentation or obfuscation of certain facts. Firstly I'd like to say that when we noticed my necklace (or lack thereof), Chris began his vociferous shrieking of "This'll take HOURS to fix!!!". Then he DARED to suggest that he might remove (for simplicity) my necklace. This, naturally, gave way to thoughts of:

  1. Slitting Chris' throat
  2. Ghostwriting the comic for him

You're lucky I didn't do that, or it'd have been all about me and CS. And the ownage thereof. But I'm digressing. So, when he said "It'll take hours," I yanked him out of his chair and said "set me up the Gimp." Note, I'm not at ALL used to using the Gimp (give me Paint Shop Pro if you wanna see some graphic art) but it's what he's got. Then I drew in my necklace (did a pretty good job, imho). It took approximately 3.27 seconds for the 3rd panel, a tad longer on the 4th, then I let Chris do the 5th.

What was the 2nd thing I was going to say? Oh, right. Yes, I must admit that I do have a poor memory for my projects. But I did finish at least the first prototype phase of my keyboard mod. Reference material here. I'm working on a method for sharing monitor, mic, keyboard, stereo sound and mouse signals over a single 8-wire cable. Category 5e will be my test medium (since that's what I have running through all of the walls in my house.) I'll let ya know where I get with that.

Anywho, with that all out of the way, I turn you over to Chris' rants. G'luck. I've found that if you just read every 6 words it goes a lot faster, and you get the general gist of what he's saying. But if you take every 7 words then read it backwards, it's a nice recipe for au gratin potatoes and some zesty dip. L8z.

 -- Jay

Realization that I Need to Figure Out How I'm Going to Do These Titles

Monday, July 14 2003 12:50 am

Jeez, I just put up that other post about an hour ago, and I'm already putting up another one? Christ.

It's all Jay's fault. He's the one that suggested I mention these things. First of all, there's the thing about the keyboard I talked about in the last post. It turns out, Jay was successful in modding his keyboard. Yes, I know very well that I doubted his ability to do it, so don't push it in my face. I bet you didn't even know that I'm the one who gave him the idea. Just the other night we were talking on the phone and he was going off on some rant about modding his keyboard, just like he wants to mod everything else that has at least a tiny bit of plastic, metal or silicon in it. I really don't know what he was planning on modding the keyboard for originally, but I thought he had said he was going to make it a network device. This explains why I said, "What? You're making your keyboard a network device?" Apparently he wasn't, but he started bubbling some strange excited noise and said it was the best idea ever. He really does say that a lot. Jay thinks I should mention this so you all know about his l33t skillz. I'm just mentioning it because I have nothing better to do, and it's interesting. So go check it out.

For the record, and because Jay will never stop bugging me about it if I don't tell you, this is the conversation that occured before Jay added his necklace to the comic.

Jay- "Dude, you forgot to add the necklace after the second panel."
Chris- "Shit, you're right! Well, crap."
Jay- "Well then we'll just fix it."
Chris- "What? Fix it? Now?"
Jay- "Yeah. Just load it up. Boop, there you go, we'll fix it."
Chris- "That'll take hours!"
Jay- "What the fuck are you smoking dude? Open it up."
Chris- "We could just remove the necklace. That would be easier."
Jay- "Yes. I could also slit your throat."
Chris- *reluctantly*"Alright, fine. There. It's open."
Jay- "Alright, now I'll just take this brush and..."
Chris- *initiates panic mode*"Shit! Jay, you drew on the picture! Add another layer to the image, you fool!"
Jay- *quiet, waits for Chris to add layer*
Chris- "There. Now you can go."
Jay- "kk" *pronounced 'kay-kay'* "Gah, that's huge. Make it so I can get a smaller brush thingy."
Chris- "You could also use the pen tool."
Jay- "No, I want to use the paintbrush tool. It says it's fuzzy."
Chris- "Okay, well here's the brush dialog box."
Jay- "Ooh, this brush is really fuzzy. Thus becoming the brush used by teh Jay."

And then Jay fixed it. He did it pretty quickly too. I have nothing more to say on the subject.

 -- Chris

comic 1

Sunday, July 13 2003 11:41 pm

First... the comic is now up and ready to read. Simply click the LINGO button, and off you go! Overall, I would say that I am very pleased with the finished product. I realize that I already showed some of you the comic before adding this post. If you are one of these people, feel free to check it again as I have fixed a few things, the first being that Jay's Necklace isn't missing from his neck anymore, and the second is the introduction of the comic's license, which I shall discuss later in this post.

I really can't believe I have this comic posted. Though I'm sure nobody else is reading this comic but my close friends, two weeks without an update is unacceptable. I must note, however, that the rather long length of time until the comic's posting is not due to a lack of interest on my part. In fact, I think it is quite the opposite. I became too wrapped up in the comic. I think, unfortunately, that this is a trend that will continue. I am not proud of it, and it is quite silly. I will sit here and draw a panel, decide the eye of one of the characters is good but just not good enough, so I'll erase it. Then I won't be able to draw that eye again the way I would like it to be. So I erase that a few more times too. Let me tell you, even paper is only supposed to be so thin. And it isn't supposed to start protruding fuzzballs from being erased so many times. Ugh. If only I could get over my obsessiveness.

Speaking of obsessiveness, my friend Nikki pointed out a flaw in the comic. I thought, what the hell, I'll point it out to you too. Note that Jay's sleeves start out short, but for some reason they magically grew somewhere in between the second and third panel. Hm. As long as I'm spoiling the magic of one part of the strip for you, why not spoil the magic behind how it got spoiled too? The truth is I drew the second panel ages before I even got up the comic strip. There are even a few more panels I had planned to use in this comic, panels that I drew far ahead of time so that when I finally got up the website, part of the comic would be done. Well, my obsessive nature kicked in again, and I decided that I couldn't use those panels. I scrapped them... even after taking several hours touching up one of them. It was due to a combination of "this doesn't look good enough" and the realization that, oh shit, these panels don't fit the page of the comic or the dialogue. You see I had written a script for this ages ago, but somehow when I was placing the panels on the comic, the characters started paraphrasing their lines. I promise you that I was not involved in this treachery, it is not my fault that these characters decided to start saying things that just didn't fit with the rest of the comic. But worst of all, their new lines were better than the old ones I had written. What could I do?

I actually was starting to worry about this. I'm not stupid. Though I might take forever redoing little things and consequently make them worse than if I had just left them alone, but even I realize that drawing completely new panels was going to mean an even longer time until I got a finished product going. It's frustrating as hell, because I'm torn between quality in my work, and getting the work done within a reasonable frame of time. But since it is me who we're talking about here, the end decision is somewhat predictable. I decided that I would have to make new panels. And eventually, I even ended up breaking the script in half. Yes, this comic is only half of what I originally intended it to be. I think it works better this way, too.

But with as much detail, effort, and time I put into each panel, you would think something as obvious as shirt sleeves would catch my eye. I mean doesn't it only seem to make sense that I would notice a lack of congruence in my new drawings as opposed to my old ones? But no, I didn't. Instead in the latter three panels, Jay lost his necklace and gained new long sleeves. Now the necklace thing was easier to fix. Jay was the one that noticed it, and he was also the one who helped me fix it. I started to panic (another talent of mine), but Jay pointed out to me in his usual sarcastic manner that it was an easy thing to fix. He loaded up the GIMP (the graphics editor I use; it's open source, and it's much more powerful than the *shop programs, in my opinion... plus it's open source.) took out the paintbrush, clicked on the fuzzy tool, added a new layer to the comic (well actually, I did that, in a wave of panic that sounded like "AHSHITJAYYOU'REGOINGTORUINMYCOMICMOVESOICANADDALAYERBEFOREYOUDRAWTHAT!"), and drew in his necklace.

Unfortunately there is no simple fix to Jay's shirt sleeves. If I did take the time to fix it, it would mean redrawing major parts of the comic and reshading them. It would never look as good as it does now, even I know that. Yet when Nikki pointed this error out to me, I almost deleted the whole comic in frustration. You can thank Nikki for keeping me from doing so, too. She does a good job of calming me down and pointing out how silly it is to get frustrated over such things. That's no small job with someone like me. Really, this comic would not be done without her help and support. I nearly gave up so many times, you couldn't even count them. I nearly gave up over things like losing my erasers, over things like fucking up the shading, but mostly I nearly gave up because I take too goddamned long, and that's frustrating. Oh, yes, you people probably really have no idea how many hours went into this one strip, do you? Okay, before reading any further, take a guess. A good, good, guess. Go ahead, I'm waiting for you. Alright have you guessed? You sure? You ready for me to tell you? Okay, then. This comic took me at a minimum thirty two hours to complete. Though my actual guess would be somewhere between forty and fifty hours. I shit you not, this all happened over the course of two weeks. Yet how many hours would it have taken me if I weren't so indecisive? Probably four, or less. Now you see how big of a problem this is.

I could go on and on about my problems with being distracted, but god, would that ever be boring. Actually, if you're still reading this up to this point, I am really and truly amazed. I'm also quite flattered, because this really isn't what I'd call a good example of my writing. Though I suppose it would be possible for you to be reading this still either because you know me and are afraid I'll ask you about it later, because you're incredibly incredibly bored, or you are trying to avoid doing something else. No matter what, I beg that you don't consider this a representation of my writing ability. I'm much better than this. Honest. Some day or another I'll show you how good my writing really is, I'll post it on this very website. Or possibly another. I'm considering getting another website to accommodate all my writings, but I doubt I'd be able to afford such a thing. I'm already out of money now. I've barely looked for a job since I got home from college, and that's largely because of this comic.

I have for you just a few more words, because this has been entirely too long of a post already. These words concern the comic itself. I'm sure many of you may have noticed that necklace Jay is wearing. If you didn't, you would have noticed it because I was just talking about it I-don't-know-how-many-paragraphs-back. That necklace is real, and it does not leave Jay's neck ever unless he's taking a shower. It was too important to not have in the comic, it's so much a part of him. I considered removing it because that would save me from drawing a new one, but Jay wouldn't let such a thing occur. The goggles aren't real, though I'm thinking they should be. They are very befitting of his personality. I don't know of any goggles that resemble those he wears in the comic, though. It's a real pity, that. Oh, by the way, the way we are acting in this comic? Very very true to reality. Jay and I have conversations like this all the time, which makes it really easy to make comics about us. You think I'm making up this whole modding thing? You think we don't do things like this? Just last night Jay was stripping the end of his keyboard, planning to figure out some way of hooking it up to his LAN. He plans to write drivers for it so each one of his computers can access the damn thing over his network. Somehow I doubt he's going to be successful, but he insists that "Jay does not give up. Ever." He's actually right, he really doesn't ever give up on things. But he does forget about projects a lot, usually because he takes up new ones.

Oh and by the way, that thing about Linux making coffee? You can check it out here on it's TLDP page. We did not make up the TLDP either.

Gah, alright, I'll let you go already. But don't blame me when you notice that we never got to discuss the comic license. That's your fault for leaving so soon. But don't worry, we can always talk about it tomorrow... where are you going?

 -- Chris


Tuesday, July 1 2003 12:00 am

Hey, guess what? The comic's pretty much ready. The only real problem now is that I am indecisive in what size I should make the comic, how I should go about the layout... and then there's the issue of fonts. Alright, I'm going to give you a fair warning, I am a GPL freak. I take it to levels that really there are no reasons to take it to. And, though I've found a lot of GPL fonts I like, I'm still pretty dissatisfied. So, I'm thinking why use these other peoples' fonts that I find inferior, when I can ever so easily make my own? So that's what I'm doing now. Yes, you heard me, I'm making my own font for the comic, and when I'm done with it, I'll release it on here, GPL'd and all. But I'd better get back to working on that. Hopefully the comic will be up by the end of tonight. But that all depends on my progress on the font.

 -- Chris


Friday, May 23 2003 12:00 am

Shhh! Let me tell you a little secret. Alright? Promise you'll keep it quiet? Good.

...The secret is this: Chris is a lazy bum slacker. That's right! But you didn't hear that from me. You heard it from the fish!

>Alright, yeah I really need to get to working on this more rather than just playing Kobo Deluxe and looking at porn so much. But I'm cutting back on my porn intake, just for the sake of the website! Honest! Not really. I have fixed one bug. It's a temporary fix.. I've found out that Internet Explorer can't handle transparencies well on PNG's, so I've decided to remove the transparencies and replace them with the color of the site's background. yes. I am so lazy. Whoo! Maybe I'll get more done today... we'll see. I'm going to be hanging out with my buddy Angie, so I'm not sure exactly how much will get done. Till then, I'm outtie.

 -- Chris

Thursday, January 1 1970 12:00 am

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